Fossil Muricidae Links Page

The list of websites below is a work in progress.  There are many more sites that could be added, and I will try to get to them as time allows.  In the meantime, if you know a really useful site (devoted to either fossil or modern Muricidae, or perhaps useful in other ways for the study of fossil Muricidae), please let me know, and I will add it to my list!

*** LAST UPDATED ON 1/28/2017 ***

Fossil Muricids by Country

WORLDWIDE - International Fossil Shell Museum (Stichting Schepsel Schelp)

Perhaps the best, most comprehensive image gallery out there. Photos and collecting information for all types of fossil mollusks, with photos organized by both country and geology.

AUSTRIA - OeTyp: Catalogue of Palaeontological Types in Austrian Collections

This site allows you to search for type specimens, and shows you the full literature reference for each, as well as the museum that houses each specimen.  Select the "Search Database" link, then type "murex" in the "genus: " text box.

AUSTRIA - Fossil Miocene Mollusca (by Wolfgang Fischer)

Site contains links to a few photos of fossil muricids from the Miocene of Austria.

DENMARK - Artikler om fossiler - Muricider i Danmarks tertiære aflejringer

Useful information on the fossil Muricidae of Denmark, including species lists by geologic epoch and formation, as well as some photos.

ITALY - Catalogo Interattivo Molluschi del Pliocene italiano

Provides a list of mollusk species (including muricids) found in the Pliocene of Italy.  Unfortunately, most of the images appear to be blanked out right now.  From the home page, select CATALOGO, GASTROPODA, NEOGASTROPODA, MURICOIDEA.

UNITED KINGDOM - A Collection of Eocene and Oligocene Fossils (by Alan Morton)

A good source of information on the fossil mollusk sites in the UK.  The photos are excellent, and there are a number of fossil Muricidae included.

WESTERN EUROPE - European Caenozoic Fossils (ECCG)

Currently has species lists and stratigraphic information on the Oligocene, Miocene, and Pliocene of Belgium; the Miocene of Denmark; the Pliocene of Spain, and the Oligocene, Miocene, and Pliocene of the Netherlands..

Museum Collections

Holotype Gallery (FLMNH Invertebrate Paleontology)

This site provides an opportunity to view the holotype specimens of fossil Muricidae in the collection of the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida.  New photos are being added all the time.

Search the Collections (FLMNH Invertebrate Paleontology)

This site allows you to search the collections of the Florida Museum of Natural History.  No photos, but complete information on each lot, including taxonomic, geographic, and geologic information.  A bit difficult to navigate through the results set if your search is too broad, so try to search within a particular species or formation to start out, until you see how many records are returned.

Fossils:  Virtual Scientific Collection of French Tertiary Fossils (Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, France)

Search for species in the M.N.H.N. collection, by geologic stage and individual locality, or view figured specimens.  You can also perform an author search, which yields a list of publications by that author, then drill down to see information on the species described in that work.  Very useful if you collect French fossil shells.
Information on Modern Murex Species
Digital Murex

One of the best sources of online information on the various subfamilies and genera of the Muricidae.  Occasionally you will find a reference on fossil genera or species.

One Last Look at the Muricidae

A useful breakdown of the number of valid modern species by subfamily and genus/subgenus, by Dr. Emily H. Vokes.

Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods

A good source of photos and information on modern mollusks, including the Muricidae.  Includes literature references, geographic distribution, and size ranges.  I often refer to this site, since many Pliocene and Pleistocene muricids survive today.  Click on the "Gastropods" link in the home page, scroll down to "MURICOIDEA," then browse within each subfamily.

Marine Life Photography - Family Muricidae

Specimen photos from the many species of muricids found near Hawaii today - thus a good reference for identifying Hawaiian fossils and subfossils.
Reverse Coiled Gastropods (H. G. Lee)

Several nice pictures of (modern) sinistral muricids.
Conchology, Inc. (Guido & Philippe Poppe)

Great dealer site if you want to buy modern Muricidae, or simply look at beautiful pictures!
General Information on Collecting Sites
France - Geologic Reserve of Saucats (Miocene of the Aquitaine Basin)
France - Geologic Reserve of Essone (Stampian Oligocene)
France - Le Lutétien Libéré (click on "Gisements" to see info on collecting localities)
UK Fossil Locations - Discovering Fossils (click on the links under the "Tertiary" category)
UK Fossils Network (begin by clicking a region on the map)
Venezuela - Cantaure Formation (part of the Código Geológico de Venezuela website)
General Paleontology Resources
MyFOSSIL - Social Paleontology
The Paleontology Portal
NMITA: Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America